The Introvert Perversion

by Meatbreak

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This was my first demo-album, released October 2007. It was recorded over the period of an entire year, if not more, in various locations with various equipment, and was the product of my incredibly slow musical work-rate. From all the half-formed ideas lying around, these were the tracks that I got to a more progressed stage of completion; a couple even come pretty close.

The first two tracks are not very good, the last one is a bit superfluous, and bookending an album with Sun and Moon is painfully cheesy. If I made a Director's Cut I would drop those three to make it five tracks and edit Socioneurological Entropy down to about 4 minutes. For completions sake, and because that's how I released it, I have left it all as it was. Live and learn.

Artwork was painted by my sister.

Things people said about it at the time:

Zero Tolerance review:
This one-man project from Brighton provides an off-kilter mix of genres, drawing largely from the rock and metal arena, with elements of industrial and electronica creeping in. The Introvert Perversion comprises eight repetitive tracks, constructed from loops and recurring motifs, gradually changing as the song progresses. The demo production doesn't allow the nuances of this experimental approach to shine through. While it's an interesting effort, improved focus and execution are needed to take Meatbreak's concept further.
3/6 Russell Garwood

Cal Roach:
"like Liars if they had infinite studio time"


released October 1, 2007